Thank you for liking, sharing, and watching BLACK & CHROME. This is it for now. Your response has truly shown what the joy of movies is about. Hopefully, the right person(s) will have WITNESSED this and we can look forward to an official version of Mad Max: Fury Road in black and white. The film has lived, and has died, but can it live again?


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  1. Thank you for your contribution. I was knocked-over by it and hope that Warner responds by making the Miller’s BW version available as a Blu-Ray extra.

    At this point, it seems like three sequels to Fury Road are planned by Warners–to deny the creator and exclusive director of the Mad Max franchise his desire to release the BW version of Fury Road is bewildering.

    Thank you again for all your work. I’m sure someone anticipated that the lawyers would force Vimeo to take it down and had the foresight to download all, say, 1.9 GB of it at, say, 1:00 AM to ensure it’s existence.


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